– Enter Norton Setup Product Key

Norton setup product key generally helps for enrolling, activating, downloading and installing Norton antivirus on your Windows, Mac System.

In today’s time, every user wants to keep his computer protected from various viruses, and for this he needs a good antivirus.

Norton Antivirus protects all devices with a powerful feature. It is easy for all users. By installing it, all users can secure their device and network. Go to URL: in order to activate it. All users can be easy process to download, install and activate.  For more details, Manage your Norton account settings. During the install process, you will be offered to enroll in Norton Automatic Renewal.

Fighting against online threats such as Trojan, malware, adware, spyware, phishing and identity theft became a challenge for computer users as they target to steal important information (banking, credit card, etc.) about a user and their business. Norton brings the latest technology and feature to overcome and handle such situation because Norton can protect your system and the best features of Norton are

  • Protects against hackers & attackers
  • Provide you online safe banking & shopping
  • Very Powerful engine


What is Norton setup product key?

Norton setup product key consists is a 25 character special code. It used for download, install and activate Norton antivirus. Users can also enroll Norton with a product key. Without Norton setup product key, the program cannot execute and run will behave just like a disabled. Once the product is successfully activated, it will be active and will have the ability to detect infections.


Where do i find my Norton product key?

Norton product keys can be found in two ways.

A. If the customer buys Norton products from a local retail store. A 25 digit alphanumeric Norton activation code will appear on the back of the card.

B. If the customer buys Norton product from a local online platform. Norton Product Key will be found on the registered email.


How to activate Norton Setup?

Then follow the following steps to activate Norton Product:

  • Start web-browser. (Bing, safari, IE)
  • Type URL:
  • Tap on Norton Account to sign in
  • Registered Email and password
  • ‘Enter a New Product Key’
  • After that put the Norton product key and go to right arrow “>>”
  • Follow and complete all the on-screen instructions to activate the product


How to download Norton product?

To download Norton Product immediately follow the steps below:

  • Begin web-browser.
  • Visit URL:
  • Tap on Norton Account to sign in
  • Fill e-mail, password details
  • Now, click on ‘Enter a New Product Key’
  • Then, put the Norton product key and go to right arrow “>>”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete it
  • Click on ‘Agree & Download’


How to install my Norton product?

In order to complete all steps for install Norton product.

  1. After completing download process, Run and execute setup file.
  2. Give permission to the user account control by click on continue
  3. Complete the on-screen instructions in dashboard
  4. Norton is now installed and activated.
  5. Finally, you have successfully installed.